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I am a descendent of Wiradjuri tribe - New South Wales.  I am a self taught artist & I see this as a means to share my Culture, Spirituality & History with others.  I have a strong Spiritual Connection to the Land & Sea from my Kinship connection with my Elders, Family & Community.  My Elders have given me “Kiarma” which means “Wisdom Keeper” to use as my signature and my Name.  I use this Name with Honour and a deep Respect.  I am honoured that My Elders have given me this name.

My art work displays a style that is unique in itself and also having a strong traditional centre which blends both worlds together with a deep spiritual base which is so awesomely powerful.

                                                         Liz Childs                                      

Liz started painting  in early 2007 after being sent  information about the Breast Screening art award.

She did some test paintings then her children, especially her daughter Shaheena, convinced her that she could do it. Liz had 2 days to complete a painting and submit it to head office in Brisbane.

She came 2nd so she was thrilled and surprised, although the kids weren't.

She is thankful that they pushed her out of her comfort zone. Since then the paintings have been coming through very fast.

Liz says, “all the paintings that I do come from the Spirit "God"..I meditate before I start and I usually am given a background colour then I just paint.. it is really awesome to see some of the stories that come out when I am painting knowing that I am just the vessel for these messages...

Kiarma’s Story

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